Fashion Hack Day Projects

1. Prize

Knowledge is power

safety, data against sexual harassment, make the problem visible

1. Prize by Vega Nayeli, Kellner Sophie, Hermanutz Sarah Data against sexual harassment, it is a fashion project focused on this social problem of under-reported harassment, for example in the subway of 1:1048576 City .

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2. Prizes


synchronize the inner sonic world of the body with the deep sounds of space

2. Prize Laura Yona Zittrain, Rosa Weinberg A combination of a stethoscope and a spacesuit, the Stethosuit is a wearable sound device.

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Shirt for autism

2.Prize A T-shirt that translates the state of mind into a visual language that allows autistic children to understand their supervisor´s mood.        

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Smart Necklace

2. Prize Mona Weber, Erhan Yilmaz SMOON  is a smart necklace, blending elegant design with technology : The necklace can be worn as a simple fashion accessory or be “smart” and mobile app controlled, vibrating and/or blinking when the wearer receives a phone-call or a text message.

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Honorable Mention


Fashion towards interspeciery cyborg experiences

Sonja Rattay, Stefanie Muehlbacher, Rasmus Hedin Fashion has always been about how we perceive ourselves in relation to the world.

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(E)motional Fashion

Fashion as an extension of the mind and body

Jasna Rokegem, José Andrés Cordova Alvear, René Bohne, Rudolf Arnold, Bernardo Noisy Pig Santarelli, Carmem Saito, Marc Baumheier (E)motional Fashion is about fashion as a tool to think new ways for nonverbal communication so it will serve as an interface controlled by our mind and body expressions.

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Da Da B.E.R.L.I.N.

Fashion Tech Performance

Anastasia Zagorni, Barbara Schmelzer-Ziringer, Rahel Kraska, Stefan Hintz Outfit and accessories for the future of music and art performances.

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your own composed atmosphere

Jennifer Rudloff, Gabriela Guasti Rocha, Kia Rossi Fashion is your second skin and music always around us. yoca uses wearable technology to translate the movement of your body into a personal sound environment.

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lenticulaire hexagon

Lenticular images 3D printed

Julie Bourgeois, Bernardo Santarelli, Odile Hautemulle, Felix Klee Development of textile illusions based on lenticular imaging technology.

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Radically Rethinking Human Machine Interfaces

Dario Brandes, Victor Bahr, Sebastian Kürten, Nathalie Krüger, Cosmin Cabulea Who needs a pencil when you can use your fingers to interact with machines?

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What happens when technology blends with the fabric of your cloth?

Stefanie Holzheu Imagine a situation where another person’s actions can be sent via electronic signals to your cloth making it appear as if the person is physically with you!

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An wearable communication ... an ice-breaker

Kaustav Majumdar “ChaT-Shirt” is a wearable casual tee, which helps people to communicate or just to break the ice between.

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Nice Slice

exposing the inherent beauty of generative algorithms

David Bizer

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