Fashion Tech Performance

Da Da B.E.R.L.I.N.

Anastasia Zagorni, Barbara Schmelzer-Ziringer, Rahel Kraska, Stefan Hintz

Outfit and accessories for the future of music and art performances. An entertaining adaptive playful and stylish experience for the audience.1.) An illuminated jacket, which colors can be changed wireless remotely and react to sound, showing images, letters and animations. 2.) A scarf with built-in flat OLED showing the logo “”DA””. 3.) A playable music instrument integrated into a Japanese inspired kimono sleeve.

Stefan, our technologist, wears an animated LED jacket that can change its colors by using a remote controller. It also displays images and reacts to sound. Barbaras part as designer refers to the wonderful Kraftwerk quote “I am a musician with a calculator in my hands” and to Trio’s “Da Da Da” from the early 80s. A music performance wearable combines Japanese tech culture (Casio VL-1) with a traditional kimono sleeve that can be used as a bag. Anastasia of Fraunhofer Institute contributed OLED research samples for the logo scarf. This high and low tech accessories are designed for street musicians at the Berlin Mauerpark for example or just to have fun. As a multimedia artist, Rahel integrated these now developed elements into her pop music cartoon show.