synchronize the inner sonic world of the body with the deep sounds of space


fhd-award-2place2. Prize

Laura Yona Zittrain, Rosa Weinberg

A combination of a stethoscope and a spacesuit, the Stethosuit is a wearable sound device. The bodice serves as a sonic portal joining the inner universe of our bodies to the outer universe of the stars.The aural landscape of our bodies, the gurgles, bleeps and bloops, are eerily similar to the gurgles, bleeps and bloops of space. When these are heard together, it’s hard to distinguish which noises are coming from our bodies, and which are coming from space: hence, an experience of oneness with the universe.

The design takes its cues from nature and film: the oval shape echoes the elliptical orbits of comets through space, and the off-white, eggshell form and color references Frederick Fox’s iconic headwear from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Stethosuit is comprised of a bodice of seven stethoscopes which transmit sound into the right ear, while pre-recorded transmuted sounds from space play on a loop in the left ear. The stethoscopes and exoskeleton are 3D printed and fitted into lasercut 4mm laminated plywood pods. Future prototypes will include a dual-listening functionality, allowing two people the option of including the sounds of their partner’s bodies. The Stethosuit is a rethinking of a meditation device or sleep aid, encouraging users to activate an inner sense of calm and focus.