Is fashion missing the digital revolution?

It´s time that fashion catches up with tech and contributes to shape the aesthetics of the digital revolution!

Fashion has always innovated itself. It is overdue to embrace chances offered by technology in order to not fall behind. We have seen information technologies changing whole industries. Technology already has made an impact on fashion and becomes a crucial factor in future.

During 2016 wearable technology will evolve and smart clothing is gaining relevanz.

Our Vision: Merging Fashion and Tech

Fashion Hack Day offers the exceptional opportunity to get and work together on digital fashion with pioneers, forward thinkers and young talents in an interdisciplinary manner in order to shape the future of fashion!

:: Fashion Hack Day is the first fashion related hackathon

:: Be a part of an unique event

Our Mission

:: Fostering collaboration to create visionary ideas and products

:: Interdisciplinary networking

:: Enabling  innovation by sharing knowledge

:: Establish a long term relationship with our corporate partners

:: Developing fashionable prototypes

Fashion Hack Day

Within the 48h of Fashion Hack Day designer, developers and engineers will be working collaborative and interdisciplinary in order to create innovative fashion products for future´s society.

We plead for young talents to bring in their visionary ideas and shape an unmistakable profile for themselves.

Participants of Fashion Hack Day will be supported in order to realise their ideas by high- carat mentors, research institutes and companies operating in fashion and tech. They will enrich the program by giving interesting presentations and talks providing valuable industry insights.

Furthermore participants can get in touch with hardly accessible high tech materials and work with them in order to realise their ideas.

Let´s take it to the stage

The superb closing show, where prototypes are presented live, is winding up the event and serves as public first- class presentation platform.

  • Invited professional audience from politics, media, fashion and tech
  • Best ideas will be prized by a prestigious jury
  • Venue at the heart of Berlin

We want you!

We are looking for great participants, mentors and partners in fashion or tech related subjects who are forward thinkers concerning digital fashion and lifestyle, willing to support Fashion Hack Day as Mentor of Ideas!

We are pleased to have great partners from industries and research institutes alike.